Alpha Matter's walk of life starts in 2012. In a mythic year in Mayan culture including prophecies of total apocalypse, we are out there to deliver the soundtrack and (at the same time) the counterweight. Dark and gloomy 'chansons' to accelerate the heartbeat and to refer misery into oblivion by pointing the finger at it and looking it straight in the eye.

Original band founders Styg (guitars) and Kevin (drums), both looking for an outlet to be creatively joyous and free, quickly teamed up with two motivated and dedicated players with the same intentions. Jochen (bass) and Tom (lead guitars) added completely new dimensions to the band's primal sound and proven to be the missing link between something good and something outstanding.

In their search for a vocalist Alpha Matter finally closed the ranks with Ruben in august 2012. Completing the music with his infamous yet understandable grunts and screams nothing remains to stop us now.
The first explosion of AM's sonic madness comes with a 4 track self-titled e.p.
(Free to download for all you decibel seekers out there.)
Welcome to the crazy world of Alpha Matter!