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    Traun, it rocked.


    Today Munich. Matti and Thomas went to the old concentration camp Dachau, it was not a very uplifting experience but still interesting. Definately not recomended if you have a hangover.

    David had to go to a doctor today to get some medication for his sore throat. Martin was passed out the whole day.

    The crew from Metal Hammer was at the gig, very cool people indeed. After the show a few of us went to a bar with the Metal Hammer people for a few beers.

    More firewater to follow…


    Zurich – Switzerland today.

    Tobias, David & Thomas watched the LIVE AFTER DEATH DVD in the bus. Matti was out for a walk in town and Martin did some interviews.

    We signed tons of pictures for a Dismember competition. The show was really good, lots of people and it was hot as hell. The crowd was excellent!

    After the gig Tobias and Thomas went to a bar owned by Martin Ain of Celtic Frost. The place was very cool, we where greeted by the guys from Celtic Frost, they where really cool and we got free beer the whole evening. Huh!!!!

    More Irish coffee to follow…


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    A morning in Martigny.

    David was the first one out of bed. Very cool venue, castle-like feeling with stonewalls and a nice stage. We went for a walk in the city. Found this very old church with a huge cross outside, of course we had to „curse“.

    Then we sat in the bus and watched movies for a while. Tobias went up to an old castle up on a hill, it was a very nice view over the snowy alp mountains.

    It was a sold out show tonight.



    Today we woke up in Ravenna – Italy.

    David, Matti & Martin went to a bar to drink some really nice Italian coffee while Tobias and Thomas went for a walk in town and got lost as usual…

    Typical Saturday in Italy – tons of crazy Italians just waiting to go berzerk and headbang to Dismember. Lots of stagedivers who stepped on our nice old heavy metal pedals while running up on stage. This was one of the better gigs so far on the tour.

    We had to leave quite early after the show but still we got time to have a few beers and talk to fans after the show. Before the bus left, all the bands and crew stood and watched while the most drunk guy was carried out to a car waiting to drive him home.

    More passed out fans to follow…


    Nova Gorcia in Slovenia today.

    Martin bought tons of cheep cigarettes to bring home. We heard of the assault on Pain today and Martin called up their bassplayer Johan to check if everything was ok.

    We met a friend from Kroatia who had traveled 400 km to see us. The place was packed with people going crazy during the gig.

    Afer the gig we sat in the bus and chilled when a crazy drunk fan showed his appreciation by licking the dirty bus window.


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    Wien – Austria.

    We took the U-bahn into the city of Wien. We walked around for a couple of hours, the town is really beautiful with lots of old houses everywhere. Perfect for us since we are really into everything old-school.

    Tobias and David found some cool albums at the Metal market. Sepultura, Sodom and Rebellion.

    The gig was really good. The crowd was banging its heads off!

    After the show there was an afterparty at a bar outside the venue. Thomas stole a pair of glasses (he’s still wearing them when he is drunk…) David was sitting alone in the bus, listening to Sodom until the rest of the guys came back drunk from the party. Then the party continued on the bus with Sodom on very high volume.


    Prag – Chech republic.

    Martin and David decided early to take a walk in one of the nicest cities in the world. We had a really nice breakfast in the very centre. Then we took off to the very old cathedral and walked on the Charles bridge. The weather was really great. Sun was shinig.

    When the rest of the hungover guys finally woke up they went out for a walk as well. Thomas bought a Motörhead pin, Tobias an Angelwitch LP and Matti an old bajonette from the 2:nd world war.

    Today it was an early gig, we went on stage at 21.00, but the place was packed and the crowd was great!

    After the show some of us had a few beers with two fans from Sweden who where in Prag for vacation and they took the opportunity to come to our show.


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    Back in Germany again, Darmstadt.

    We had a walk around town. Thomas bought some presents for his family. David, Tobias & Thomas visited the local record store, David bought a John Dowland album. Tobias bought a Black Sabbath patch. On the way back to the venue the three amigos got lost again.

    Back at the venue David and Martin played a Fussball game against Mixen and Jakob from Hatesphere. Unfortunately Denmark won against Sweden this time… Danskjävlar!

    The gig was great! Lots of people. Martins amplifier died after a couple of songs, but our excellent crew fixed the problem in no time.

    We left the venue right after the gig, some of the Hatesphere guys got really drunk on the bus and decided to go crazy, Danish style.


    Hannover rock city!

    We did interviews during the evening. Very good catering today. We watched some movies in the bus.

    Once again a great gig with lots of headbangers.

    After the show Tobias and Thomas went to an afterparty with the guys from Hatesphere and people from their record company. They managed to find their way back to the bus at 04.30 in the morning without getting lost this time…



    Nice venue. Martin and David challenged Jakob and Pepe on dart. It was time for revenge from the football game! And this time Sweden crushed Denmark big time!

    It was a really funny gig, lots of joking around today. We played a part of the Judas Priest song ‘Painkiller’ between two songs. One guy in the audience was constantly screaming „Rock & Roll!“ so we spontaneously began to play some AC/DC style rock.

    There was an afterparty at the venue so we had some beers and talked to people.


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    aw you guys are cute


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    can i interview you for metal israel?


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