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    Monday, 17th of March – Day 1

    Finally, time for camp Sonic to enter the studio, and once again we gonna infest the Black Longe studio (Avesta / Sweden) to start generate the very third album. The mighty Jonas Kjällgren will handle the levers this time around as well.


    John and Robin actually initiated early last Sunday to set up the drums and everything. But I had a 25th birthday to handle so I waited a day to drive up. Bad decision! Seeing a huge blizzard sneaking over Sweden during the Sunday night and covering half of Sweden in a blanket of snow. So my brilliant plan to drive to Avesta early Monday morning was shattered to pieces.

    Later that afternoon however I managed to collected enough courage to try the roads. And I made it to Avesta with extreme caution and a two hour delay. This resulted in that the studio session that day was coming to an end when I arrived but everything went just fine! The sound had been set for the drums and John even nailed two songs during the afternoon. Good job!



    Tuesday, 18th of March – Day 2

    After countless hours of Guitar Hero III consuming the evening before, we managed to get up at 10:00am today. High time to get to the studio again to proceed with the drum work.


    John woke up this morning with a nasty cold and he was a bit worried it would actually affect his drum play. After some warm-up with tons of throat lozenges, a banana and some chocolate, he was ready to go however! We began that day with a song that got the project name „Finnish“, which is actually the oldest song I wrote for the new album. This tune reminds me a bit of ”Psychic Suicide” from ONLY INHUMAN, with a lot of melodies and jaw breaking riffs he he.

    This song went smooth, swift and unpainfull. So today’s session preceded with another song which got the project name „Break Benjamin’s Leg“. A song which is exactly what the name reveals (?) – a heavy tune with a lot of acoustic elements. This song was composed during January, when I had my vacation in Thailand, and is the first song in the history of Sonic which I didn´t have anything to do with. This song may very well be one of the single candidates!


    We also managed to nail the drums for the redneck bang project name „Export“, which I wrote during the Eastpak tour last fall. This song evidently has a riff which reminds of Steppenwolves old classic „Born to be wild“. My comment about that is that Steppenwolf obviously have same good taste in riffs like us.

    The rest of this evening was wasted in a long Guitar Hero shredding session. As well as trying to install a light bulb in the apartment we live in during this album recording. A project that failed miserably due to two reasons: We didn´t have any tools for this huge event and the roof seemed like it could collapse any second! And we really wanted to avoid having the over-neighbors in our living room during the whole studio session…




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    and it was my turn to put some lead guitars. It came out really well so now it’s only two songs left to nail on the guitars.

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    Well, It is nice feeling to read this post and curious to know about your guitars. Put here lead guitars. I want to know about them then I’ll buy. 😈

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