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    Live on tour

    This is Richard reporting in from the Eastpack Antidote Tour and I´ll try to give you metal lovers a comprehensive overview from the eye of the storm of this constantly moving carneval of insanity. We´re currently polluting Zürich / Switzerland with our tripple crown of Swedish metal, namley: Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and Sonic Syndicate as well as our German brothers in Caliban.

    Kicker-Match between Roland and John

    The tour is going all smooth and everything is falling to place nicley! Of course it had it´s teething troubles in the initial like every tour. (Well I wouldn´t fucking know couse this is our first tour!? hehe) Anyway at least that´s what we was told from the fine gentlemens in Dark Tranquillity who we are sharing the buss with. OHH the widsom these guys possess! 9 albums worth of experience and touring is simply invaluable and it´s madly apprechiated that they point us touring rookies in the right directions at times (and at times more or less wheelchar us through events like the beer speed drinking competition held the other day where Mikael and Martin B totally annihilated me and Robin under the hard but fair judges of Soilworks Ola Fr and Daniel)

    The day in Zürich

    This very day started 06.00 in the morning when the buss drove by a nuclear missile test site. Well at least that was how it felt when we all woke up in shock from a loud explosion-like noise coming from the back of the buss. The noise died out and everyone fell asleep instantly again (most of us being pretty hungover from the wild party in Italy yesterday). Just to realize later that morning (Read: Lunch… or rather a couple of hours past lunch) that the back right window of the buss was totally destroyed! Could that really be the ground zero of a nuclear warhead? A somewhat anxious buss driver calmed us down however and explained the whole situation. This is how it goes: When he was doing a very curved turn into the venue parking (obviously not created for nightliners) a traffic light totally unprovoked attacked the buss. Luckily this means we wasn´t anywhere close to being exposed to radiation which is lovley couse it would be crazy hard to pull of good guitar shredding with mutated tentacles instedd of fingers. What can I say? Our entry into Switzerland started off with a BANG!

    Traffic light or nuclear warhead?

    The club

    The venue today being Abart is a fairly small club somewhat outside the center of Zürich. The club maby isn´t the biggest but what these places usually lack in square meters they sure make up for with a close and more personal feel with the crowd which is always nice. The show is sold out as well so hopefully it´s gonna be a crazy good!

    As for news from Sonic Syndicate some very capable person managed to close Rogers laptop with brute force when his headphones was lying on the integrated keyboard resulting in the sad fact that the LCD screen is massivly and physical damaged. Yes I know it´s an artificial thing and more easily replaced then the loss of Robins left ass cheek or whatever but this very laptop contained all the work of the upcoming album from Sonic Syndicate so I would indeed (and I think I speak for all of us) rather sacrifice Robins ass cheek to keep this laptop intact. Hopefully HP have good coverage in Germany so he can get the screen replaced asap and continue the work of the new album.

    Anyway I think that this is it for now! I have countless of things to tell you guys but I don´t want to bore you with a endless essay the first contribution of this tour-tagebücher! But there’s still time for some pics from our hairdresser:


    Head-fashion made on tour

    However I´ll end this with a very thoughtfull tip of the day from Björn from Soilwork let me try capture his exact words: „The main thing about touring is to be able to drink as much alcohol as possible without being a alcoholic…“ Now that´s ballance at its best, AMEN on that brother!



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    Just in case somebody didn’t see it: There’s a live-report of the show in Munich online at

    It includes the setlists of Caliban, Soilwork, Dark Tranquillity and Sonic Sonic Syndicate and various live-pictures.

    Direct link:

    Stay tuned for more chapters of Sonic Syndicates tour-diary!


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    Nice post… interesting !


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