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    the Southern Hemisphere and Northern Hemisphere, land and water of the moon and the sun, moon and sun, naturally the same, just different views, it gives a lively, went for. Mountains in the sun and the moon, sea, sun and moon in the lake, which you also love a couple of romantic couples, family, family members of romance, fear, are romantic. Because out of the city to view the full moon day, which in itself very romantic! 1. lakes moon recommended to: Zhaoqing Seven Star Crags Xiannvhu Qixingyan Xiannvhu Xiannvhu is a lake, beach reeds, wetlands, waterfowl, water birds fir as the main structure of ecological scenic spot. Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends to enjoy the picturesque Lake moon cake, festive good fruit, croon a song Xiannvhu luxury hotels stand around, the full moon is completed, can be guided by the moonlight back to the hotel on foot, accompanied by the sound of water and the thin moonlight fell asleep happy. When the sun slowly rises in the east, a clear water lake has become an instant magnificent, dazzling, plants and trees are alive around — this spectacular enough to be released to work tired. Tips: in Xiannvhu area, visitors can already see the rise of the moon and the stars, and bow are of a different flavor — wave shadow sparkling, the bright moon reflecting in the lake, the introduction of imagination. To the next Qixingyan Xiannvhu be condescending, to occupy the most favorable view of the sunrise land. recommended to: Huizhou Beach Spa Beach health spa is the leisure good to located in the southern tip of the peninsula’s seaside Nim flat spring, the Daya Bay and the west, Sub-tropical island of beautiful scenery, made here a good place to enjoy the sea and moon. Moon Spa to the beach, played out on the beach while to enjoy immersive theme of marine culture,China tour company, Hot Springs Health and Culture and there are elements of entertainment for the springs from deep geothermal spring,Running rivers and lakes of the most classic route, with high health care value. Tips: Beach Spa Plaza BBQ barbecue, open-air hot spring bath area suitable for the full moon, visitors can also stay Xunliao Bay Deese Park Holiday Inn, Fung Chi Island apartment hotels, seaside resorts, the beach can be reached within walking distance to the moon. Early morning to watch sunrise from bimonthly Bay Peak. extended Recommended Click: Shunde long deer farm long deer farmers Zhuang Zhongqiu moon flowing Lingnan Water Village charm, this year’s festival will be held long-deer farm, Fire Dragon performances, down to earth goddess of the moon, Hou Yi shot month, Wu Gang, logging, ancient woman Kickball game, dressed in Chinese clothes Praying Romantic activities such as weaving an


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