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    Mother Misery

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    Finally we get the fucking computor to work..;-)

    We arrived this morning at 09.00 to Kiel after a 13 hour boatride from Gothenburg / Sweden.

    The group started out in Enköping at 11:00 hours, John, Thomas, Jimmy, Stefan (stand in for Marcus), Per (Tourmanager) and Frans (merch)….


    It started out fine and nothing really happened on the road to Gothenburg except that some people in the band and in the back of the bus were getting a bit wasted on whiskey and Per found some spare parts for his car from a trashed Saab by the highway.


    We got onboard and then hit the bar for beers, drinks and Jaegermeister, a fun evening on an empty boat with a really crappy coverband.


    After a few hours and drinks later we hit the beds, some in better shape than others..;-)
    Let´s just say that Thomas has problems remembering the evening..:-)

    Tonight we have the first gig in Kiel at the Shaubude and you´ll hear all about it soon, this is just warming up for the Entombed gigs in Holland…!!

    Cheers John / Mother Misery


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    Bin ich die Einzige hier, die von dieser Band noch nie was gehört hat?


    [B]IN LEGEND[/B] - Hand-hammered Piano Craft! - Die neue Metal-Community - Surft vorbei! ;-) Bin hier aufgrund von Zeitmangel leider momentan nur selten vertreten!
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    immortalsoulBin ich die Einzige hier, die von dieser Band noch nie was gehört hat?

    dito, schau gleich aber mal in MySpace rein.

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    Mother Misery

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    We arrived 09.00 at the Kiel harbor after the 13 hour boatride and a good night 3 hours of sleep. We got into the bus on truckdeck and Thomas (yesterdays partyanimal and big spender) head was spinning like a merry go round. Lucky for us we found a plastic bag pretty quick for him to use..he hee…

    We located tonights venue the „Schaubude“ pretty fast (thanx to the GPS:-) and noted that it was about 9 hours til load in, we had a lot of time to kill.

    We started out with a burger breakfast at McDonalds downtown except for Jimmy who, as the big cookiemonster he is, started up with two giant chocolate cupcakes and a big smile on his face. Per and Stefan who were still a bit taken from yesterdays party just crashed in the bus checking out movies while Thomas slept like a child in the back.:-)

    Me, Jimmy and Frans checked out some of Kiel in the pouring rain and discovered after 1hour of just slacking around, checkin out shoestores, clothingstores and gunstores that we were done and had just eight more hours to go…

    What else can we do..??……Let´s have some beers..;-))

    We found a nice little coffe and beershop to relax in, Frans got to love the Jever beer wich me and Jimmy didn´t – so we kept it going on Becks instead.

    We got back to the bus and found Thomas a bit more awake and Per and Stefan were about to load in their 3rd movie, while me, Thomas, Frans and Jimmy went to grab some pizza. Frans tried to order Jever beer but without any luck…

    Around 16.00 hours we started up the bus (wich was cold as hell after these hours in the rain) and drove to the Schaubude – just in case we could get in earlier. After some coffee and more beers at the bar on top of the venue we finally got to do the load in.

    At 19.00 hours we were done with soundcheck and sat down backstage for more beers and some food cooked by Hatto, the owner of the club. As lucky as we are (not) we have a vegetarian (Jimmy) in the band so today we got served tomatoes and cucumber in
    sauce with pasta…….:-(( Were´s the fucking meat…??

    At 22.45 we entered the stage since it has to be quiet at 00.00 clock.

    Setlist for tonight:

    Got it now
    Cure and remedy
    Broke down
    Pray for them pigs
    This time
    I will never learn
    Gods fall
    My enemy
    My soul
    Wait right here
    For the crows
    On the outside

    This was our first time in Kiel and it was a great crowd leaving us with good hopes for the
    next time we come around.

    Now it´s time to get some sleep for the road tomorrow, but first,,,,,,a couple of beers right..;-)

    John + The Mothers and Crew


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    Ser att det går bra för er,hoppas det fortsätter.Hälsa bandet så hörs vi. Kör försiktigt och Rocka på!!!:mrgit:

    The gods you worship are steel
    At the altar of rock`n roll you kneel
    Hellion, WASP:horns:


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    Mother Misery

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    Thursday 24/1
    Day off..!!

    Woke up 9.45 at „Hattos“ place (the owner of Schaubude), took a shower and had some breakfast before we left the apartement heading for the Venue to pick up the gear from last nights show.

    Today we have a day off and we´ll get to spend the most of it on the road to our hotel 600km away in Waalwijk just outside of Eindhoven, the weather pretty much sucks since it´s raining all the time.

    Nothing exciting happened on that trip except that the Holland customs checked us up,“no problems here guys „,,,“welcome to Holland“…. thank you..:-)

    After a couple of more hours, tons of choklate, candy, chips, loads of coffee, sandwiches and beers later we arrived at the hotel around 17.00 hours and checked in for our rooms.

    Waalwijk isn´t that big but we had to check it out so we took a ride downtown looking for a nice bar or coffeshop to hang out in..;-)……NO luck, after 1 hour of walking the streets we ended up having a coffe and some pinball, then we went back to the hotel eating burgers at the nearby McDonalds (again) and drinking whisky in the room checking out some heavy metal documentary on tv…

    Tomorrow it´s time for the first show with Entombed and the first time for Mother Misery In Holland, we´re really looking forward to it and we´ll do all we can to deliver a great show.

    Cheers…John / Mother Misery.


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    Mother Misery

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    Friday 25/1
    First gig with Entombed at Dynamo/Eindhoven.

    The day starts by checking out from the „nice“ Formula1 hotel and with the mission to find a gasstation so Per can stock up on cigarettes which is „mucho importante“..:-) and for us to have some highclass gasstation breakfast….!!

    We arrived a bit early to Eindhoven so we decided to check out the city since we had quite nice weather as well. We located the Dynamo first of all and then we tried out the city kebab which we really can recomend, 1st class and remember this is from guys who really know how a kebab should taste..;-)

    After that we still had some time to kill so what else than to find a nice pub to hang out in.
    When we had gone through a couple of rounds of beer and coffee and some game questions from Trivial Pursuite (In dutch:-),,,nobody won that game…!!

    At 15.00 hours we headed for Dynamo to load in the gear, a really cool place with nice people taking care of us We rigged our gear and made the soundcheck for the evening, Frans got a really nice spot for the merchendice as well together with Entombed merchguy Mogge..

    We then headed for the hotel to check in, a great fu**ing hotel with more stars than we could count and compared with the F1 hotel yesterday this is heaven and that´s hell…

    After a nice and needed shower at the hotel we went back to the Dynamo and said hi to the Entombed guys and crew wich had arrived and shared the same backstageroom with us, we then got served chineese food and moore to drink than we needed.

    It was a really cool evening with lots of bullshit and fun backstage, just hanging with Entombed drinking beer and whisky. Mike from the Belgian band Inquest came by with his girlfriend to visit and to check out the show, he´s an old schoolbuddy of Me and Stefan from way back in Enköping/Sweden so it was cool to meet up with him, he´s also LG´s old neighbour from Stockholm.

    The first band Carnal Leftovers started the evening with growling noise to be followed by The Lucifer Principle wich was really cool. At 21.10 we got to start our show and as the only rockband of the night we had to gain the interest of all metalheads in the audience by giving them our best. The gig went really good except that my monitor was set at 2000 decibel wich made my guitar scream like a pig out of hell……

    After about 45 minutes of hard rocking we left the stage for Entombed to enter, they did an awesome show in front of the crazy moshing metal audience of Eindhoven. Hats off to our Swedish legends of metal..;-)

    After Entombed we packed all the gear into our buses and hit the hotel for freshening up, then it was time to hit the city bars. Roman (the booker of the shows/TMR-Bookings) took us to the Dynamo cellarclub with a couple of beers which you could only buy with plastic coins that you had to buy from the „plastic coin machine“ outside the club……??

    We saw 3 guys stripping on stage showing their asses and that was enough for us to decide to change club.;-) We ended up a bit down the street in the same area as we started the day out checking out the clubs and their beer. Around 4.00 in the morning we decided to get back to the hotel for our beautysleep,,,but first…..Kebab..;-) yeaah..goodnight..

    Over and out…..John and MOTHER MISERY.


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    Mother Misery

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    Saturday 26/1
    City: Zwolle
    Country: Holland

    A bit hung over but satisfied with yesterday we woke up in the hotel at 10.00 and met up with the
    rest of the guys for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.

    At 12.00 we headed for the venue to get the buses and roll to the next venue in Swolle, it was a one and a half hour ride before we finally got to the „Hedon“ venue.

    After one hour the guys from Entombed and TMR arrived to the venue and we started to load out the gear, a cool place today as well. We get to know that they have sold quite a lot of tickets for tonights show so we´re pretty excited and it will be a fun night..

    A really nice backstage with our own beer tap…cool… Some guys from Entombed are playing poker and and „From Dusk Til Dawn“ is rolling in the VCR.

    Entombed just did their soundcheck and it sounded massive as hell, the people won´t be dissapointed tonight I promise.

    Right now The Lucifers Principle is on stage for soundcheck and the backstage room is filled with metalsound..\,,/

    The place got filled with people just before The Lucifers Principle got on stage, they rocked like hell and then it was our turn to meet the crowd.

    We did a great gig and with awesome response from the crowd, hope to come back here again.

    Entombed entered the stage after some technical problems with a Marshall amp which is dead..:-( But they got it together and rocked the shit out of the people ,,,again..;-)

    Now we´ll see what the night has to offer……CHEERS…!!


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    Mother Misery

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    Sunday 27/1
    Haarleem / Patronaat

    We woke up at the nice „countryside“ hotel we checked in to for a couple of hours ago, last nights great show had us in a good mood which led to some hotelpartying and naked guys (I won´t tell who) running the korridoors..:-)

    We checked out and waited by the bus for the rest of the crew and Entombed to arrive before we headed for the last show in Haarleem at the Patronaat.

    We arrived a bit early so we just got to the backstage for some beer (as usual) and food, the food-table got pretty crowded by hungry rockers eating all they could get..:-)

    A really big and nice venue and we´re looking forward for tonight’s show, while waiting LG and some of the crew continued their endless pokergame.

    The Lucifers Principle started out the evening with a great fucking show, a really cool metalband worth checking out, and now friends of ours. Then they had a revival of the lokal group Matricide which contained one of or „the“ tallest guy in Holland,,,about 226cm tall,,,,,,God Damn I got scared when I almost ran into him backstage… They were old friends of Entombed and surprised them by giving a show, a cool band with some punk vibes.

    We also had Dismember backstage to visit and check out the shows, they later joined Entombed one stage for some headbanging..:-)

    We got on stage about 21.10 and started our show in front of a pretty full house, like yesterday we had the proffessional help of sound engineer Koos (The Lucifers Principle) and we had a great fucking show with awesome response from the crowd.

    At about 22.15 Entombed entered the stage for their last performance of this weekend, as always they rocked the shit out of the house and crowd. They started a moshpit which didn´t end until they quit the show after more than one hour of metal and a second „one more time“ from the people…

    Now it´s partytime backstage, we have to empty the stock of beer and wine this last night before we go home. Everyone is excited and happy about the success of the shows and really doesn´t want to go home right now….

    Cheers again…..


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    Wirklich glücklich Kerl zu hören .. Go ahead und genießen Sie mit diesem Computer … 😉 😉

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    Hi Mother Misery,

    I went through your post which is very interesting .Thanks for sharing good experience

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